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How to strengthen your nails?


How to strengthen your nails?

Striated, brittle, split nails… Your nails are subjected to many daily aggressions and it shows. To find a neat manicure without having to use fake nails, discover all the benefits that food supplements can bring to the keratin of your nails.

The right things to do to take care of your nails.

To have beautiful nails naturally, it is essential to get rid of certain bad habits that can have an impact on the beauty and health of your nails. Giving up these last ones by gestures respectful of your nails will allow you to find permanently strengthened nails, under the condition that you regularly take care of your manicure.
Getting false nails is very tempting to wear beautiful nails of the shape of your choice. Fake nails slightly longer than your natural nails of a neutral color will enhance all your looks and outfits during your dressed evenings, while fake nails long and decorated with a worked nail art will allow you to express your artistic creativity. However, it is essential to leave your natural nails out in the open between two sessions of nail application and false nail application if you want to keep your nails strong. Renewing your false nails too often could weaken your nails in depth.
Similarly, it is recommended to leave your nails natural between two applications of nail polish. Indeed, contrary to popular belief, if your nails do not need to “breathe” because they are oxygenated thanks to the blood circulation, you must protect your natural nails from infections. The products you use when applying and removing your manicure (nail polish, solvent, etc.) significantly dry out the nail and make it less strong. These products can also cause excessive dehydration of the nail in the long term. This nail dehydration, also known as keratin granulation, is characterized by the appearance of white patches that detach from your natural nail after the application of nail polish. Applying a nail polish base before applying your nail polish also protects your nail from infections, as well as preventing the colour of your polish from fading onto your natural nail.
Another gesture to banish from your habits when applying nail polish or false nails is cutting the cuticles. Many nail technicians cut their clients’ cuticles for a more aesthetic result. However, since the role of the cuticles is to protect your nail from moisture and germs, it is essential to maintain this skin barrier. On the other hand, you can push back your cuticles using an accessory designed for this purpose for applying all your nail polishes.
Finally, to keep nails healthy and prevent them from becoming brittle and splitting, it is strongly recommended to stop biting your nails. This bad habit, although shared by a large number of people, has harmful consequences on the beauty and health of your nails.

What care should be taken with your nails to strengthen them?

While it is commonly accepted that setting up a facial care routine is essential to preserve your epidermis and have beautiful skin for the long term, taking care of your natural nails on a daily basis is also essential to have healthy nails.
To do this, it is advisable to apply oil to your cuticles regularly, and massage your cuticles with this oil to facilitate penetration. The most recommended vegetable oils for this treatment are sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, known for their beneficial properties.
To avoid the problems inherent in nail dehydration, it is also essential to apply hand cream several times a day, massaging your nails and cuticles if necessary. To best moisturize your hands and remember to perform this ritual regularly, choose a tube size cream that will easily fit into your handbag or makeup bag. This boost in hydration is particularly recommended during the winter season, when various external aggressions (cold, wind and heating) weaken your skin barriers.

How to strengthen your nails with food supplements?

Recently, dietary supplements have become part of the care routines of beauty enthusiasts in order to boost the effects of cosmetics applied daily, whether it is hair, facial or body care.
This craze for nutricosmetics is explained in particular by the effectiveness of dietary supplements on the various aesthetic problems that you may encounter during your lifetime: acne flare-ups, hair loss, brittle or too soft nails, etc…. Using dietary supplements as part of your usual care ritual allows you to act from the inside on the beauty of your skin, your hair or your nails.

The food supplement Revivre Labs HNS 250, a real cocktail of super-powerful active ingredients, acts on the strength, growth and hydration of your nails. It is therefore the ideal nutricosmetic to use as a cure, after the application of false nails or to provide additional hydration to the fortifying treatments you apply regularly.
Like skin and hair, nails are made of keratin. For this reason, the research and development department of Revivre Labs de Revivre Labs led by pharmaceutical doctor Sokho Danh Sang integrates the keratin precursor oligopeptides into the formula of the food supplement Revivre Labs HNS 250, as well as various minerals (zinc, copper and silica) to hydrate and strengthen your nails over the long term, while protecting them from environmental damage. In addition, in order to avoid excessive dehydration of the nail, Revivre Labs HNS 250 is highly enriched in hyaluronic acid.

Whether you want to repair your damaged nails or simply prevent dehydration of your nails, the superior quality active ingredients in the Revivre Labs HNS 250 formula will work effectively on the appearance of your nails thanks to their antioxidant, nourishing and protective properties.