An effective solution against damaged nails

Using a hand moisturizer in the hope of moisturizing and also caring for your nails and cuticles may not be enough. By providing the body with the right nutrients it needs with a quality food supplement, bitten, split or striated nails will be replaced by healthy nails.

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Beauty to the end of the nails

Some bad habits such as biting your nails or using a nail clipper too frequently can quickly lead to split and weakened nails. Using certain household products (detergents) or manicure products (semi-permanent varnish without a protective base, solvent, acetone) or with an iron deficiency in the diet are factors that can also damage the health and resistance of nails.
To strengthen the nails against these aggressions, there is a solution. Before hiding them under a thick layer of gel varnish or cutting your nails as close as possible, the key is to take care of their beauty from the inside by providing them with the right nutrients.

Revivre Labs HNS 250 : an ultra-performing nutricosmetic

Dry nails, striated nails, soft nails or brittle nails are all inconveniences that we could do without. To have beautiful nails and take care of the beauty of the hands, Revivre Labs has developed a food supplement with a unique formulation: antioxidants, oligopeptides keratin precursors, vitamin B (B3, B5, B6, Biotin). It takes care of the beauty of the dander (nails and hair), as well as the skin of the face and body. A real fortifier, it prevents nail splitting, strengthens the hair fiber, and moisturizes the skin. It is a complete oral beauty treatment to cleanse, rejuvenate and strengthen the external parts of the body. Reliving Labs HNS 250 offers everyone a simplified beauty solution, with only two capsules to take each day.

Nail, skin and hair care

Dehydration of toenails and hand nails is not irreversible. Reliving Labs HNS 250 allows you to have beautiful nails that will no longer tend to split and weaken. This nutricosmetic is also effective for the skin: it reduces skin problems thanks to a nourishing action that allows dry skin to have a smoother and firmer appearance. The skin is moisturized and fine lines disappear.

Finally, its action also targets the hair: repeated rubbing of clothes can damage them and make them brittle. The micro-nutrients present in the formulation of Revivre Labs food supplements protect the hair from external aggressions. As part of a balanced diet, Revivre Labs HNS 250 is the complete solution to beautify your nails, skin and hair.

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