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HNS 250 is ranked No. 1 for the Best Beauty Dietary Supplements
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The World’s First Supraceutical

If you have a problem with rapid aging, hair loss, brittle nails or dehydrated skin, trust the science with Revivre Labs health supplements.

Unwavering clinical studies have proven their effectiveness: they halve the tendency of nails to break, reduce hair loss by 400%, increase hair growth by 800% and make the skin 80% softer. Starting a cure with the HNS 250 from Revivre Labs means benefiting from exceptional quality: a concentrate of micronutrients and active ingredients of natural origin and pharmaceutical purity that restores the body’s proper functioning. If you’ve always dreamed of beautiful hair, a radiant complexion and strong nails, Revivre Labs HNS 250 is the proven and effective solution.

Health supplements to support the body

Our lifestyle and consumption patterns call for increased nutrients that, if not met, can lead to deficiencies and, in some cases, pathologies. The interest of dietary supplements then takes on its full meaning. They can provide everyone with daily help to bring adapted nutrients to prevent or compensate deficiencies as part of a balanced diet. Revivre Labs dietary supplements have been developed to restore, rejuvenate and enhance your hair, nails and skin. Those who tested it saw a difference day after day on their external beauty, which also reflects on their well-being and inner balance.

  • Read the certified reviews of independent testers on TrustBeauty

Scientific excellence for a complete oral beauty treatment

Revivre Labs researchers have launched an uncompromising program to develop the world’s best oral beauty treatment: the HNS 250.

REVIVRE LABS HNS 250 is the only nutraceutical that combines a complex of primary and secondary antioxidants, including 100% bioactive SOD, glutathione, carotenoids, coenzyme Q10, protected from gastric degradation by a patented microencapsulation technology, very low molecular mass keratin precursor oligopeptides of (a few hundred Daltons), hyaluronic acid and bioflavonoids in a gastroresistant form, to constitute a complete beauty and anti-aging oral treatment.

Their formulation strengthens the hair fiber to solve hair problems such as hair loss, brittle and damaged hair. Thanks to this nutricosmetic, soft nails that tend to split, regain their elasticity and no longer break. The skin is hydrated, fine lines disappear after a few weeks of treatment.

Clinically Proven

• Up to 400% hair loss reduction
• Improvement of tensile strength in 75% of the patients
• Up to 800% improvement in regrowth over placebo
• Visible improvement of hair brightness in 95% of the patients

• Significant improvement in skin elasticity and firmness in 80% of the patients
• Up to 30% increase in skin hydration
• Up to 80% improvement in skin softness
• Up to 18% in wrinkles reduction
• Skin redness and inflammations reduction
• Improvement of skin radiance
• Acne and skin imperfections reduction

• Up to 2 times brittle nails reduction
• Improvement of elasticity
• Improvement of hydration
• Improves Moisture Retention

  • Read the certified reviews of independent testers on TrustBeauty