Observation: maintaining your hair is time consuming

Having beautiful hair is not easy when you have a busy daily life without much time to devote to hair care. Washing your hair frequently aggravates the fragility of the hair fibre. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your hair for it to stay healthy and shiny.

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Many factors can cause hair disorder. For example, an emotional shock, a hormonal disorder, a lack of iron, certain predispositions such as androgenetic alopecia or hereditary baldness are possible causes that can lead to daily hair loss in certain areas. After childbirth or during seasonal changes, it is also common to have hair fall out. Our hair supplements are scientifically proven to promote hair growth and, for example, avoid hair transplantation by hair implants. Indeed, Revivre Labs HNS 250 stimulates hair growth (+800% regrowth compared to placebo) and thus helps to restore and maintain dense and beautiful hair, thanks to the concentrated active ingredients it contains.

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What if there is a treatment that promotes hair growth without having to spend hours a week on hair care? A treatment that sublimates and rejuvenates the skin in a few weeks? A treatment that effectively nourishes and strengthens the nails? A treatment formulated from natural ingredients, developed and produced in France in pharmaceutical grade.

Revivre Labs has developed an effective dietary supplement for women and men that acts as an anti-hair loss treatment, a nail fortifier and an anti-aging skin care product.
It is the first nutricosmetic in the world to combine hyaluronic acid, a powerful natural antioxidant with keratin precursor oligopeptides to form a complete oral beauty treatment. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and vitamin B (B3, B6, B7, Biotin), it works effectively to visibly rejuvenate and reveal the beauty of everyone.

High-performance care for all types
of hair and skins

Effective for curly hair, fine hair, or thinning hair, the HNS 250 food supplement helps to restore beautiful hair. Anti hair loss, it stimulates hair growth and helps breakable hair and very damaged hair to regain strength and shine.
Revivre Labs HNS 250 is also a beauty treatment designed to solve skin problems. It acts as an anti-ageing treatment and helps to slow the first signs of skin ageing.

Brittle nails also benefit from the beneficial effects of this nutricosmetic which strengthens and increases their elasticity. Revivre Labs advises to take cures during the change of season, times of the year when hair loss, dry skin and weakened nails are the most likely to appear.

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