Revivre Labs : a scientific ambition

Revivre Labs aims to revolutionize health through science

thanks to cutting-edge research, for exceptional care efficiency.

The history of a brand
at the heart of science

Revivre Labs was created by a group of experts and researchers who were committed to revolutionizing the health, nutrition and food supplements sector through their scientific expertise.

The laboratory is now developing around five units:

  • The manufacture of high-performance dietary supplements
  • A high level medical care coordination office
  • A tailor-made clinical nutrition unit
  • A Research & Development Department for Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Medicine Solutions for Health Services
  • A physical exercise support program, the HPX (Human Performance eXperience)

In addition to developing exceptional oral beauty treatments, Revivre Labs’ research focuses on the digital monitoring of leading-edge clinical nutrition programs.

Dietary supplements by Revivre Labs: efficiency and quality

To satisfy extremely demanding patients, Revivre Labs laboratories conduct cutting-edge pharmaceutical-grade research to develop effective, bioactive and bioavailable food supplements. The brand’s Research and Development department, headed by Pharmacy Doctor Sokho Danh Sang, makes no concessions on the quality of the ingredients present in the formulations of Revivre Labs food supplements.

“We had carte blanche to design the HNS 250 without any cost price constraints. We then searched for the best natural ingredients and worked for months on the associations of active ingredients to design the REVIVRE LABS HNS 250. The result is a highly technical product of exceptional quality. “explains Dr. Sokho Danh Sang.

Connected health protocols at the heart of the Revivre Labs project

The digital revolution in biotechnology is at the heart of Revivre Labs’ research programs. The team is now working to develop continuous biological sensors and their use protocols to accurately and in real time adjust the required intakes of active ingredients for each patient, according to their own parameters, nutrient needs and deficiencies.

The applications of these new IoT medical devices are extremely broad as they concern:

  • nutritional support, through food supplements, clinical nutrition programmes or individualised supplementation,
  • the supply of medicines for a wide range of diseases,
  • individualized exercise programs, such as the Human Performance Precision eXperience, a true laboratory for evaluating physiological biofeedback protocols.

The implementation of these IoT-connected medical devices is one of the areas of precision medicine that will revolutionize care in the coming years.

High level coordination care

To Revivre Labs, every patient is exceptional. Celebrities, clinical cases of interest, personalities with intense lifestyles, patients with specific therapeutic needs call on our care coordination team to consult the best researchers in the world in each specialty and solve the most complex cases.