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Hair, Nails, Skin,
Anti-Aging and Immunity.
A complete oral treatment.

The Most Advanced Dietary Supplements to Date


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The World’s First Supraceutical

All The Dietary Supplements Are Not Born Equal…

REVIVRE LABS HNS 250 is the only nutraceutical that combines a complex of primary and secondary antioxidants, including 100% bioactive SOD, glutathione, carotenoids, coenzyme Q10, protected from gastric degradation by a patented microencapsulation technology, very low molecular mass keratin precursor oligopeptides of (a few hundred Daltons), hyaluronic acid and bioflavonoids in a gastroresistant form, to constitute a complete beauty and anti-aging oral treatment.

Hair care strengthening and anti-fall

Strengthened hair

  • -400% hair loss
  • +800% natural regrowth
  • Increased brightness in 95% of subjects*

Hair requires constant attention to be visibly shiny and healthy. Despite dry, brittle and damaged hair, traditional hair care products are not always easy to integrate on a daily basis, often due to lack of time.
Revivre Labs has designed a food supplement that takes care of your hair fiber from the inside out. A real fortifying and anti-fall treatment, it will restore health and vitality to your hair by simply taking it orally every day.
HNS 250 food supplements also have a stimulating effect on growth and limit hair loss. The plant and mineral nutrients present in their formulation are excellent ingredients at the origin of the effectiveness of this nutricosmetic. A clinical study has proven its effectiveness: Reliving Labs HNS 250 reduces hair loss by up to 4 times and increases natural regrowth by 8 times.

*The effects observed in the studies appear gradually from the 30th to the 90th day of the treatment and are maintained with continued treatment. The results vary from one subject to another.

Beauty of the skin: an even and radiant complexion

Unifying skin care

  • 80% softer, firmer and more elastic skin
  • 18% reduction in wrinkles
  • 30% improvement in hydration
  • Proven reduction of inflammation and acne
  • Visible improvement of brightness*

To fight against signs of fatigue and daily aggressions, there is nothing like having a unified and firm skin. Revivre Labs HSN 250 food supplements are the exceptional solution for skin problems. Its beneficial effects on the epidermis make it an effective anti-ageing treatment for healthy, moisturized skin from the inside, rejuvenated and toned.
Some foods in our diet can affect the appearance of the skin. It is easy to see that what we absorb is felt on our complexion. Revivre Labs food supplements are made with high quality ingredients that provide essential active ingredients for the body and skin. Those who have tested it guarantee an 80% improvement in the softness of their skin.

*The effects observed in the studies appear gradually from the 30th to the 90th day of the treatment and are maintained with continued treatment. The results vary from one subject to another.

Beauty treatment for nails

Nails twice as strong and better hydrated

  • Division by 2 of the nail breakage
  • Proven improvement in elasticity*

Brittle nails often reflect a nutritional deficiency in your body. The natural active ingredients of Revivre Labs food supplements restore the health of your nails by providing your body with the essential nutrients it lacks.
The concentrated active ingredients of Labs HNS 250 Revivre Food Supplement reduce the tendency of nails to break up to twice. After a cure, the nails gain in elasticity and strength.
Scientific studies have shown that inner well-being is reflected in the external parts of the body. Because strong nails are a major beauty asset, Revivre Labs laboratories have developed the most effective food supplement on the market to reveal the beauty of everyone to the very end of their nails.

*The effects observed in the studies appear gradually from the 30th to the 90th day of the treatment and are maintained with continued treatment. The results vary from one subject to another.

Protection against pathogens and cellular degradation

Antioxidant immunity enhancer

  • Revivre Labs HNS 250 contains a powerful antioxidant complex.
  • This complex has both the properties of reinforcing natural immunity and slowing down cellular ageing.

Organ degradation begins naturally from the onset of adolescence, which is why HNS 250 contains an advanced complex combining both primary and secondary antioxidants. This complex with patented active ingredients helps the body to effectively combat oxidative stress and the resulting cellular aging, to ensure beauty and vitality to the dander (hair and nails) and skin, and to strengthen natural immunity. During periods of virus circulation (winter season or epidemic situation), it offers the body additional protection against infectious attacks.

*The effects observed in the studies appear gradually from the 30th to the 90th day of the treatment and are maintained with continued treatment. The results vary from one subject to another.

Revivre Labs HNS 250: the best
beauty dietary supplements

The Revivre Labs dietary supplement is a concentrate of high quality pharmaceutical active ingredients that stimulates the body’s natural defences and strengthens them day after day.

It helps to fight daily fatigue and enhances everyone’s beauty by combining hand care, hair care and skin beauty into a single simplified routine.

After several years of cutting-edge research under very strict laboratory conditions, the Research and Development Department of Revivre Labs has succeeded in developing a Nutraceutical / Cosmeceutical formula with super-powerful active ingredients, Revivre Labs HNS 250, which is very easily assimilated by the body thanks to innovative galenic technology and high quality bioavailable components and does not disturb the intestinal flora.

News Revivre Labs

Beauty Science Program

A care and research program developed especially for men and women with intense careers, the Beauty Science Program was created to test the beneficial effects of nutricosmetics from the many Revivre Labs studies in real conditions before their launch on the market.

For Bruno Houn, founder of REVIVRE LABS, it seemed essential to develop products that meet the challenges of modern life and allow everyone to fight against time and external aggressions, even in a very busy daily life with little time to spend on hair, nails and skin care.

The Beauty Science Program has been designed for the most demanding patients such as beauty and fashion professionals but also women who are developing successful careers.

In their hectic lifestyles, they need to trust a food supplement that will perfectly meet their expectations by supporting their bodies in their essential nutritional needs to stay fit all day long.

A complete treatment for a simplified beauty ritual

Today, Revivre Labs HNS 250 is the most effective food supplement on the market.
All the natural active ingredients it contains act in synergy. Hair, nails and skin, which reflect the inner balance, shine with beauty and purity.

The beauty gestures of everyday life are gathered and simplified.

Revivre Labs dietary supplements contain naturally occurring micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals that allow the normal functioning of the metabolism.

Organic Acerola, a source of natural vitamin C, is present in the formulation, as well as vitamin B. Accompanied by a balanced diet, these natural solutions support the body’s immune defences while taking care of everyone’s beauty.