REVIVRE LABS Program eliminates a lot of the guess work.

To achieve success in a chosen sport requires a multitude of factors. Our Programs look at various different biological areas that relate to sporting performance. Insight into these areas can be used to personalize your exercise program in order to gain as much as possible from your training sessions.

Human Performance eXperience
Get lean, tone and fit – FAST

The REVIVRE LABS FRANCE method uses state-of-the-art Biofeedback technology (heart rate trackers, etc.) to optimize the training session dynamically for each individual.


Popular diets like South Beach diet, Atkins diet, Low-fat diet and others are based on a presumption that ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL. Unfortunately even research shows that is NOT true, especially for weight loss success.

While your friend might be successful with a Low-fat diet, the same diet might not work for you. Your REVIVRE LABS Program reveals how your body processes nutrients that are important for choosing the right diet for your body. Stop learning from your mistakes and take the success of your weight loss into your own hands.

We use the combination of your biological markers, DNA and relevant lifestyle data to make evidence-based recommendations on the type of diet and exercise strategies that are most likely to be effective for you. Looking to shed fat or build muscle? Our scientific approach to optimal fitness can help you to personalize your plans and can help you reach your goals easier and faster.