During the twentieth century life expectancy has risen dramatically among the world’s developed nations. People have gone from living about 50 years to over 75 years.

Today the challenge is to defeat poor health and the rising number of chronic diseases due to the current polluted environment, poor health habits, poor eating habits and stressful lifestyles in our modern society.

We are facing modern day issues that prevent us from having optimum health: stress, inadequate nutrition, poor sleep, lack of physical exercise, mental disorders, smoking, alcohol consumption, overwork, pollution and much more.

The detrimental effects of these issues are the premature aging of cells and the onset of many chronic diseases such as: cancer, cardio vascular, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s as well as other debilitating conditions that keep us from fully enjoying life.

In addition, in the thirties the bodies’ hormonal secretions decline. The consequences are felt through weight gain, mood swings, fatigue and the deteriorating quality and texture of our skin. These conditions further intensify over time with a decrease in vitality, metabolic disorders, sagging skin and wrinkles, and the development of degenerative diseases.